The missions program at SVBC gives us the opportunity to personally be involved in helping other people. Taking the gospel beyond the borders of our communities and even our country is accomplished in three primary ways:

Through prayer

We encourage people to pray regularly for our missionaries. Spiritual battles are won with spiritual weapons and prayer is one of the greatest weapons we have. Missionaries depend on people faithfully praying for them as they serve God, often in difficult circumstances.

Through financial support

Missionaries also depend on the financial support of God's people. The church and the missionary are part of the same team, working together for the same goal. While the missionary goes to another country to share Christ, the church prays and gives in order to make their ministry possible.

Through short-term missions trips

Short-term missions trips gives you an opportunity to experience missions first-hand. It's a great way to be involved, even if you can't be a full-time missionary.